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Dental insurance is expensive. There is no way to get around it. Much like health insurance, dental insurance is offered at a high premium with strict rules governing what dentists you can visit, pre-existing conditions, wait times and the types of dental ailments that will be treated under the plan.

What are your alternatives to expensive insurance when it comes to dental care?

Dental plans are becoming increasing popular because they offer individuals, groups and small businesses an alternative to traditional insurance coverage. One can enroll in a plan for a little as $80 per year. In addition, there are no wait times, pre-existing condition requirements and you can visit any oral hygienist that meets your needs.

What is the difference between dental insurance and a dental plan?

A dental plan is not an agreement between yourself and an insurance company to pay for your services. Rather it is coverage that allows you to get discounted rates on oral care treatments. For example, if a regular checkup costs $100, your plan coverage may have a discount of 30% up to 70%, off the “regular price” that a dentist would charge the insurance company.

What do these plans cover?

Surprisingly, plans offer robust coverage. Most plans cover a wide range of visits and treatments, including routine visits, root canals, surgery, tooth extractions, xrays, dentures and more. Some plans even come with vision plans.

How do I find a suitable dental plan for my small business?

Recent studies confirm that small business owners have a difficult time finding the “right” balance when it comes to offering insurance benefits to their employees. Most owners don’t know what benefits to offer or where to start. The answer is simple.

1. Talk to your employees to gauge what kind of coverage would work best for them? What kind of premiums they would be willing to pay? Some employees may not be willing to pay for dental insurance, if they can receive coverage with a dental plan and only pay for care, when they need to.

2. Compare plan costs and features for your specific city and zip code. Plan costs vary widely by geographic region so be specific when asking for price quotes. Online databases offer price quotes at no cost, to you.

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