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Having the right family dental insurance is extremely important for maintaining your health. Finding the perfect dental insurance provider for your family is critical. Depending on what your family’s dental needs are now and for the future will determine what plan you will want to seek out.

Many employers offer family dental insurance with moderate coverage for an extremely affordable price. Most of these plans cover yearly cleanings and X-rays in full, as well as a small co-pay for fillings. Those services such as crowns, root canals, or braces may be covered to a much lesser degree. Depending on where you work and what types of benefits are offered you may be able to purchase better family dental insurance coverage at a lower employee rate if other high cost services are needed.

Important Things To Consider Before Selecting Or Changing A Family Dental Insurance Plan

Some family dental insurance plans require patients to choose a dentist from a limited list of dentists, so check to see if your dentist is on the list. If not make sure you get a recommendation from your own dentist or close friend. Sometimes just telling your dentist that your insurance is making you leave will prompt them to add that type onto their list of accepted insurances.

Most plans are designed to pay only a portion of your dental expenses, with preventive maintenance being the most covered portion of the plan. Carefully read a plan and know its limitations, there may be many services you need that aren’t covered at all or enough to warrant investment. If a plan doesn’t cover a procedure that is recommended by your dentist, this does not mean that the treatment isn’t appropriate or needed; it just means they aren’t going to pay.

Some plans do not cover pre-existing dental conditions, such as missing teeth, gingivitis, and other mouth diseases. Make sure to see if your policy has these limitations. Even when you and your dentist agree on the appropriate treatment method for your condition, the contract provision of the family dental insurance plan may only pay a portion or pay only for the least expensive alternative treatment.

Ask yourself the following questions before selecting a new family dental insurance plan:

* Will you be able to chose your own dentist or only the pre-approved one on a list?

* Who determines which treatment is good for the patient, the dentist or insurance company?

* Does the plan cover all procedures, diagnostic, preventive and emergency services? Covering things like sealants and fluoride treatments, which may save patients money in the future. Will it provide for full-mouth x-rays and major dental work if necessary?

* Does the plan cover crowns and bridges, braces, root canals, oral surgery and treatment of periodontal diseases if those are needed? Would you be able to get dentures or other dental devices if need be?

* Will the plan allow for a referral to a specialist if necessary? If so, will the dentist be limited to a list of specialists from which to choose or can you go to anyone?

* How does the plan provide for emergency treatment, such as abscessed teeth? What provisions are made for emergency care when you are away from home and need to be seen right away?

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