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In short, it depends on what plan you choose, where you live, and your family status. Here’s more about how much discount dental plans cost.


Typically, discount dental plan costs for individuals range from $39 to $69 dollars per year. They are very affordable and are often less expensive than the monthly premium for a dental insurance plan for a month or two. An individual who doesn’t need minor or major dental work often can save quite a bit of money each year by using a discount dental plan instead of a dental insurance plan.


Plan prices for families range from $149 to $199 per year. Prices vary a little more for families, because the annual costs are higher. However, the pricing is still very affordable and is often less than two months dental insurance premiums. If a family’s teeth remain healthy and maintenance free for the year, a family discount card can save you a lot of money. It’s like saving 10 or 11 dental insurance premiums each year.

Different Plans

On top of the cost, it’s important to know how the plan you choose will benefit you or your family in the event someone needs dental care. Different plans offer various discounts for specific procedures. Some plans offer excellent discounts for cleanings and preventive services, while others offer great discounts for minor and major dental work. Compare plans before you buy to make sure you find the discount program that’s best for you or your family.

To compare discounts and pricing for plans in your area, use our comparison tool.

Find out which plans your dentist accepts.

Prices estimated in this article are estimates only, and not quotes. Plan costs can vary depending on the company and plan you choose.

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