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Taking a Look at Various Aetna Dental Plans

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Aetna is a renowned name in the field of health insurance and its dental plans are undoubtedly the most cost effective ones that also provide a wide range of benefits. There are quite a few Aetna dental plans available in the market based on the needs and budget specifications of different clients. For any prospective insurer it is advisable to learn about the features of the various plans before one opts to register for a particular plan.

One of the popular Aetna dental plans being offered is known by the name of Vital Savings. In accordance with its name, the plan can be used both by individuals and families to get discounted dental work. For an individual choosing to register with the plan, the premium cost comes to $7.50 per month while the premium cost for the family plan comes to $10.50 per month. These plans can help insurers save anything in the range of 15-50% on their dental care expenses. Moreover, the plans also offer free vision care facility to all insurers on registration.

Another type of Aetna dental plan is called Aetna Dental Access and comes at an individual premium rate of $7.95 per month. These plans also offer the same kind of savings that are offered by the Vital Savings plan, with the additional benefit of being acceptable amongst a larger number of dentists across USA. However, one important thing about this plan is that it is not a kind of dental insurance but rather a dental discount plan that enables the insurer to get huge discounts on their dental care bills. The plans greatest benefit is that it involves little or no red tape and paperwork.

Even though many people are unable to distinguish between the different types of Aetna dental plans, it is vital to choose the plan according to one’s needs and budget.

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