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Full Coverage Dental Insurance – What’s the Real Deal?

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Full coverage dental insurance can be a very deceiving term. What does it mean exactly? At first glance you would think because its name includes the word “full”, therefore all of your dental needs will be covered by the policy. However, this is not a guarantee at all. Lots of dental insurance companies throw around the term “full coverage”, but few actually deliver a plan that lives up to its name. You need to look into your individual policy and see what’s covered.

Getting complete coverage on all your dental needs is not such a simple feat. Seemingly you will see your policy as being referred to as full coverage, but then if you read the fine print of the policy you will see it is full coverage for your basic dental needs. Basic dental care refers to cleanings, x rays and check ups. And to top it off, in most cases you are only covered for up to two cleanings a year. These procedures are usually paid for in full, however sometimes it may only be a large percentage that is covered, while you will need to come up with the rest.

It can not be emphasized enough the importance of reading the different policies over before you choose a plan. In the case that this is the plan you receive from your employer, make sure you know exactly what is included. The worst thing is to go to your dentist needing some work done and only at that point find out you need to foot the entire bill, or the vast, vast majority of it. There is such a drastic range of what is covered by so called “full coverage insurance” that it is vital that you know what precisely what you are getting into.

Think through what your family’s needs and dental histories are before signing up with a particular insurance provider. If a certain family member is constantly getting cavities, then you will want to find a plan that fully covers fillings. If orthodontic work is expected to be a need in the near future, then you will want to see significant coverage for that.

I had a friend who only discovered she wasn’t covered for fillings on her plan when different family members needed five different cavities filled. So, if you are still looking into your different options of full coverage dental insurance please do yourself a favor and read the policy in its entirety. You don’t want any surprises at your next visit.

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