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3 Main Types of Supplemental Dental Insurance

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Dental insurance plans do not provide comprehensive coverage to the public, in fact, it provides coverage based on different benefits one needs. What are the types of supplemental dental insurance in the market? What are the benefits you receive out of these plans?

1. Indemnity plans

This plan works as a reimbursement plan, which means you get back what you spent. However, you might need to pay a certain amount for co-insurance and deductible our of your own expenses. For example, the dental expense is 200 dollars, deduct the deductible of 10 percent of total bill, which is 20 dollars, the insurance company will only reimburse you 180 dollars.

2. Managed care plans

This plan can further divide into PPO and HMO plans. PPO plans allow you to choose your preferred dentist in a listed dental provider. You can seek dentist outside the list, however, you will need to pay more of the expenses out of your own pocket. HMO plans also similar to PPO plans where you will choose your dentist from a list of dentist network provider, if you seek treatment within the network, you will receive discounted rate, and if you don’t, you will receive no coverage at all.

Some companies do provide dental coverage for their employees. If your company do offer such plan, you should enroll in such plan as it will probably charge you at lower cost or no cost at all. There might have a list of panel dentists where you will no need to pay for the dental expenses if you presented your employee card. If your company do not provide such benefit, then you should think carefully before you decide which plan to buy.

3. Discounted plans

Normally you will receive a discount card for this type of plan. Every time you presented the card, you will receive a certain percentage of discount out of the expenses.

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