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Type of Dental Insurance Plans Available to You

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Undoubtedly, dental work is very important for everyone as our teeth is an important asset. Ask any elderly person who uses dentures; they would prefer their pearly whites. Due to the fact that teeth are important to everyone, dental work can be quite expensive. Especially if you are a family with limited income and the kids need braces and you need new crowns, the fees would give you more headache and stress! This is the reason why dental insurance plans were introduced. It is to help offset the high cost of necessary dental work. However, there are many types of dental insurance plans available out there and most are also quite limited. To give you and idea of the various types of insurance that you can buy, I have listed some common dental insurance plan choices:

1. Indemnity plans

This plan would allow you to choose your own dentist. This type of plan is most commonly known as fee-for -service and has limits but offers co-payment options. This means that you would only need to pay a flat fee for the dental visit, but you would have a yearly limit on the coverage for your dental expenditure.

2. Self insurance plan

This plan is the same as the indemnity plan, but you cannot choose your own dentist.

3. Closed panel plans

This particular plan would limit the number of dentists available to you and you can only use specific groups of facilities.

4. Capitation plans

Will allocate specific dentists for specific work and these dentists will be paid regardless if treatment was needed or not.

5. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Limited to a group of dentists who would do dental work at a reduced cost

The first place you should check if you are looking for cheap dental insurance is with your employers. They might have bought a group dental insurance plan, which will enable you to get better rates from selected dentists, just make sure you know which plan is available to you to get the most out of it.

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