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The Shocking Truth About Cheap Dental and Vision Plans

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As you read this article, I think that you will begin to see what so many Americans go through each and every day. Companies continue to look for ways to save money, and unfortunately…dental and vision plans are one of the first things that they eliminate. Discount dental and vision plans seem to be popping up all over the internet…some have literally appeared overnight, I am afraid.

You see, I found myself in the position of NEEDING to find affordable coverage immediately. I had broken one of my back teeth three days after I lost my dental coverage, and even though there was a big hole in my tooth, it was not painful…THEN! But, then…the pain caught up with me. I called my dentist and was told that they could ‘put me on a payment plan’…all I needed was steady employment to be approved. Another smack in the face…employment was not an easy thing to come by then…and it still is not today!

I am the type of person who does a lot of fact finding when it comes to anything, but things like my health, makes me crank up the research a few more notches, so to speak.

So, I started searching for cheap dental and vision plans…and immediately…my ‘scam radar’ detected way too many advertisements that indicated that several of these companies had no reliability factor. I am sure that you feel the same way about some of the ads that you see…’we saw the need for this, so we started this company’. No…actually, what they ‘saw’ was what other companies had done successfully…and they simply copied them.

That may be well and good for some things, but frankly I do not want a start-up company providing me with dental and vision plans. I wanted to find a reputable, trustworthy business that had actual people answering the phones so that I could ask my questions. Sorry…I know that these new companies need to start somewhere, but I just was not going to be ‘experience’ that they would be gaining in order to become a successful business.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a company who had been in business for seventeen years, and who provided a plan that I could afford. That still did not seal the deal for me, though. I like guarantees…and this company supplied one. I pay a fixed monthly amount that costs less than two meals at McDonald’s and I get a discount dental and vision plan, that ‘throws in’ prescription and chiropractic savings, as well.

So anyway, I received my card and put it to use right away. And, anyone who has broken a tooth in the past knows…a crown is in your future, meaning….LOTS of money will be required… with, or without a dental plan! This was my first test using the card for anything, and I am so happy to report that the amount that I paid out of pocket with this plan was close to six hundred dollars ($589, actually) LESS than the invoice that the dentists office had prepared for me, prior to me giving them my benefits card.

I decided that since the dental discount card saved me such a substantial amount of cash, I should schedule a vision exam while I was on a roll. I saved almost forty percent on the examination and got a new pair of eyeglasses, with scratch guard and ultra-violet protection for one hundred and sixty four dollars below the bill. (another happy dance)

I am here to tell you…this is one of my favorite discoveries, and ironically it all stemmed from me losing my job and all of my health benefits. So, this really does go to show that…sometimes clouds DO have silver linings!

It is estimated that over 60 percent of all Americans do not have any health insurance? And…7 out of 10 do not have dental or vision benefits, or a prescription discount card? There is affordable help… discount dental plans [] (includes vision, prescription and chiropractic services) AND…all plans cost less than $60/month for the entire household. []

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