Monday , September 24 2018

Choosing a Cheap Dental Plan

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Because of the rising costs of dental procedures, traditional dental insurance is no longer a viable option for many people. A lot of us have had to turn to alternative plans to cover the costs of our dental work needs. When looking for a cheap dental plan that offers sufficient coverage, what are the specific terms you should be looking at to choose the best plan for you?

1) Number of participating dentists within the plan. You want to choose a plan that has a large number of participating dentists for several reasons. Many of the cheap plans have just a few so they don’t give you many options. Options are important for convenience and quality of work. However, there is another reason why it’s important to have a lot of dentists participating – it lowers the costs. Dentists that specialize in specific types of procedures can offer better discounts on those.

2) Look at the specific percentage discount that you will receive on the work you plan to have done. Good percentages can be as high as 70% for some routine work and as high as 60% for more intensive procedures. If you are looking at having some type of corrective dentistry performed or even cosmetic procedures, there are specific plans that cover them.

3) Pay annually instead of monthly. Good plans have low fees or dues and aren’t afraid to post them as an annual charge. The only reason some plans charge monthly is because the overall cost is too high for most people to pay in one lump sum. A monthly charge almost always means the plan is more expensive.

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