Friday , January 18 2019

State Funded Dental Coverage Plans

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Because the cost of dental work and traditional dental insurance have gone up so much recently, many states have implemented dental plans that they offer to people who can’t afford normal coverage. This is great news for many of us because the state run dental coverage plans are actually open to many people, not just the unemployed or homeless. In fact, many of these dental coverage plans are open to people with middle class incomes and even their family members.

How do these state run plans work? Simply, there is an application process. You fill out your personal information, including your household income. There is usually about a two week to two month waiting period until you hear back from them. When you do hear, they will let you know if you qualify. If you do qualify, one of two things happens.

1) You are issued coverage at no charge. This occurs if your income level is below the poverty line or if you are unemployed. Also, there are other factors that get considered like whether or not you own a home, drive a car, have personal assets, etc. If you are given free coverage, you usually only get it for a short period of time and have to constantly update your status.

2) You are given coverage at a reduced rate. Depending on your overall financial situation, you may be charged a small fee for coverage. There may also be a deductible or copay amount due every time you receive work.

In order to find out about the specific plans in your area, contact your local state health department.

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