Monday , August 13 2018

Choosing a Dental Insurance Plan

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Nothing is more annoying than nicking yourself shaving, a paper cut, or a toothache. Shaving nicks and paper cuts go away in a few days with no cost but a toothache can end up costing much more money than you want to spend.

That toothache is going to end up being a real ache in your wallet if you don’t plan ahead.

Dental insurance isn’t cheap but when you look at the big picture it is well worth it in the long run. What used to be a luxury in the past is now a given in the benefit plans of most companies, large and even small.

Small companies even see it as necessary to offer to employees the benefit of dental insurance. Costing only 10% of the total medical coverage costs, it is very beneficial to employers in the fact that it cuts back on time lost at work by employees due to dental health.

There are many different types of plans varying in cost available today. In order to find the right plan for you or your company great consideration and research is suggested.

Direct reimbursement plans are funded by the company in the form of a pool that goes directly towards this purpose.

What makes this plan simple and effective is the fact that is gets rid of co-pays and deductibles altogether. The downside is that it is not affordable to smaller companies.

On the least expensive side of dental insurance are managed care plans. These are much like an HMO in that they require copayments and for the patient to choose from a doctor that is in the pool offered by the insurance plan.

These managed care dental plans are very cost efficient for smaller companies.

Dental insurance is a choice that is very important and should be carefully considered by companies and their financial managers in order to provide the best care for their employees.

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