Tuesday , August 14 2018

Alternative Dental Coverage Plans

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There is more than one way to skin a cat. This is definitely true when it comes to acquiring dental insurance coverage. For years, traditional dental insurance was the only way to make dental work affordable. However, today there are alternative dental coverage plans that actually work better for some people and save them a lot of money throughout the year.

How do they work?

Unlike the traditional plans offered by various private insurance companies, discount coverage is considered to be membership, not insurance. You pay a fee to become a member, then you get all of the perks of membership in the form of discounted dental work. Each plan has a list of participating dentists that will reduce the cost of dental work for the members of the group. The dentists are happy to do this because they save a lot of money not having to process insurance forms and submit claims.

How much of a discount is there?

The amount of the discount that you will receive for dental work will depend on two things – the plan you join and the type of dental work you have done. Each plan differs and offers various discounts. However, most plans will offer discounted rates that fall between the 40% and 60% range. Next, the type of work you have done will also determine how much of a discount you get. The more expensive and time consuming a procedure is, the bigger the discount rate will be.

How much is membership?

Again, this will depend on the plan you join. Expect to pay somewhere between 50 dollars and 150 dollars a year for membership.

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