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Guardian Dental Insurance

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Guardian has been one of the leading employee benefits providers for over 50 years and continues to offer companies a broad variety of products and services that allow small and medium-scale firms to customize benefit packages offered to their staff. Guardian currently provides benefits to more than six million employees and their dependents, and their plans range from life and disability plans to medical, dental, vision and critical health coverage. Guardian dental insurance options include Dental Preferred PPO, DentalGuard Basic, and Pre-Paid DHMO Plans for clients in certain locations.

Guardian dental insurance offers a variety of innovative features in its plans such as coverage of dental implants, periodontal treatments, adult fluoride treatments and early cancer screening. And if you have unused benefits from the previous year, Guardian’s Maximum Rollover Accounts offering allows you to save a portion of them in an account for use in case your dental costs exceed your annual maximum. However, you must not file a claim or exceed claim limits for that year. Members covered under dental plans can also avail of discounts from the vision network. And Guardian has one of the largest PPO networks in the country, with more than 70,000 providers in over 128.000 locations across the country.

Dental Preferred PPO is the main Guardian dental insurance product, which requires customers to pick a preferred dental care provider who will provide their dental care needs even if they are not part of the network. Selecting a dentist who is a member of the PPO, however, will reduce your out-of-pocket costs by as much as 30% and will also offer you a wider range of covered services. The Guardian website has a searchable database from which you can locate a PPO dentist practicing in your area.

Dental Guard Basic and Basic Plus are Guardian dental insurance plans that offer the maximum flexibility to employers in selecting the appropriate level of coverage for their employees by mixing and matching various covered services to customize their own plans. These plans also eliminate the one-year deferment requirement on periodontal and major procedures. Guardian also offers coverage through its pre-paid DHMO networks, such as Managed Dental Care in California, First Commonwealth in Cook County and Managed Dental Guard that offers coverage to members in New York, New Jersey, Florida and Texas. Pre-paid dental plans offer benefits such as 100% coverage for preventive and deductible services, small copay for office visits and reasonable fees for basic and major services plus no annual maximum and no deductible.

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