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Guardian Dental Insurance Plans

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Guardian dental insurance plans not only offer a great name but also a great reputation for getting a lot of coverage for the cost. The company has quite a few plans which aim to cover all that you or your employees might want when it comes to looking after dental health and one of those plans just might be the right one for you.

With the plans from Guardian dental, the benefits provided are perfect for a wide variety of people. You can own a business with just 20 employees or just be a single mom wanting to provide for the oral health needs of your children and the company will have some plan you can check out.

Guardian is one of the largest preferred provider networks with over 70,000 providers at more than 128,000 locations nationwide and they are known for charging their members 30% less on average, on any of their dental plans, than what an out of network dentist usually charge members.

What’s more, their dental plans are designed around their members to make the dental plans more cost effective and so that their members get more choice.

One of the cost effective yet maximizing choice measures that Guardian has added to their dental plans is called a maximum rollover. Maximum rollover allows a member to ‘roll’ over a portion of the benefits that he or she hasn’t used yet on their dental plan for use in the future.

As part of the benefits offered by Guardian’s dental plan, members get coverage on a wide varied choice of treatments like dental implants, early cancer detection exams, periodontal treatments, adult fluoride treatments many amongst other perks. And as a part of their dental plans they offer their members access to vision discounts as a value added service.

The company is known for their fast claims turnaround times, which on average only takes around 3 working days to process, and amongst their members they have a satisfaction rate of 97%. It should be noted that these are people who have used the dentists within the network.

As Guardian dental insurance plans have over 6.7 million employees and others enrolled with their dental insurance plans, they are more than a suitable company for providing a good flexible dental plan.

If this all sounds great you should check out some of the Guardian dental insurance plan benefits here. You can also compare and read through many different plans to find the best affordable dental insurance plan that is right for you.

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