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Access Dental Plan

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The Access dental plan allows uninsured Americans to avail of affordable dental services at substantial savings. The Access plan is a ‘reduced-fee’ program that offers discounts of 20% to 60% below the average dental fees. And members can avail of dental care from a network of over 15,000 dentists nationwide. Other highlights of the plan include:

Orthodontic care is covered
There is no age limit for dependents
No referral is required to see a specialist for care
No waiting period; benefits are available the next business day following activation of membership
No predetermination of benefits is required
The Access dental plan also provides substantial savings for specialized procedures of as much as 15% to 20% off the provider’s customary fees, including:

Extensive root canals
Dental care for children
Gum care
Wisdom tooth or major extractions
Dentures and bridges
Membership fees are available for individuals at $104.95 a year and families at $159.95 a year (with three additional months coverage for free). Family membership covers spouse and dependent children as well as other permanent residents in the member’s household. Once your membership is approved, you will immediately receive an online membership package that includes membership cards, a complete fee schedule and tips on how to maximize your benefits. Group rates are also available for businesses and groups.

The Access dental plan is offered by the Access Dental Network, a national network dedicated to helping Americans reduce their dental expenses. The Access network includes over 19,000 dental care providers who offer users savings of 34% below usual and customary charges. The Access Network is owned by Access Plans USA, a marketing company that offers a wide range of health care products designed to offer uninsured as well as insured Americans health services at affordable costs.

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