Dental Insurance – Is It For Me?

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Most people overlook dental insurance today because they have healthy teeth. But does having healthy teeth today mean that you will have healthy teeth for the rest of your life? There will be some point in life when you will have to undergo dental procedures such as tooth extraction, filling cavities or worse, dental surgeries. Do you really think you are prepared to pay for dental care out of your pocket? If it was a matter of few dollars, it would be alright not to take out a dental insurance plan. But, is it guaranteed that you will never come across a situation in life when dental care will cost around hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Now isn’t it time to think about taking out a dental insurance policy? No matter how good you take care of your teeth, your teeth will need extra care once you start to age. No matter how many times you brush or floss, you will need to visit a dental health care provider some day and that day you will understand the importance and the purpose of dental insurance.

Now that you have decided to opt for a dental insurance, let us see what your dental insurance plan actually covers. In most cases, you will get coverage for general dental care and routine checkups. Basic insurance plans cover a maximum of one thousand to one thousand five hundred dollars every year for dental services. This much is enough to cover preventative procedures such as x-rays, regular cleaning, and checkups. Procedures like fillings, crowns and root canals will be covered only if you opt for it and these will require you to pay higher premiums.

A standard dental health care insurance plan works in a similar was as other types of insurance plans. Under this plan, you are required to pay a monthly, weekly or quarterly premium to a dental insurance company and you will receive dental treatment for just a fraction of the total cost of the treatment. Your dental insurance company will pay the rest of the amount to the dental care provider.

However, you have to keep in mind that some policies will require you to pay for the cost of the treatment at the dentist’s office. Later on, you will be eligible to file for reimbursement. Before you sign up with any dental insurance company, make sure that you read the fine prints and understand what is covered under the policy and what is not.

These days, even employers offer dental insurance as part of the benefits package to their employees. This is a very good option because group insurance plans are usually cheaper and in most cases provides cover for the entire family.

If you are self employed or if your company does not offer dental health insurance, you must consider getting one on your own. Given below are some of the essential questions that you must ask yourself when choosing suitable dental care insurance.

1. Do I have the freedom to choose my own dentist?
2. Will my policy allow me to choose the best dental treatment?
3. Will there be any restrictions when making dental appointments.
4. How much will the monthly premium be?

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