Thursday , March 21 2019

Orthodontic Braces – What Is The Cost?

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Have you noticed that your child’s teeth needs a little attention and you are wondering how much braces will cost so that they can grow up to have a winning smile? You are not alone. The cost of orthodontic braces can be a fairly substantial investment if you don’t have any type of plan to help you out with the cost and you are paying full-price. The total cost for braces can be anywhere from $3500 for those living in a small town where the cost of living is lower, all the way up to $7500 if you live in a big city and your child needs extensive orthodontic treatment.

Before beginning treatment, schedule a free initial consultation with at least two orthodontists. This will allow you to see if you feel comfortable with them. In most cases you will be seeing them monthly for at least a few years; therefore you definitely want to feel good about the dentist. The other benefit is that there may be a big cost difference and you will save more with one over the other.

Although it varies by orthodontist, many will allow you to make an initial down payment for the braces and then pay the balance out monthly with each visit. This is something you would want to discuss during the initial consultation.

If you don’t have anything to help save you money on the braces then you might want to consider joining a discount dental plan. A good discount dental plan will save you 20% off the cost of the braces. In addition, you will save on all other dental services through general dentists and dental specialists. You must join the discount dental plan before treatment begins, for a couple of reasons. First, once work has begun and you have agreed to a price you are locked into it and joining after the fact won’t change it. Second, you want to make sure that you find a dentist that is in the network and accepts members of the plan.

Despite the cost of orthodontic braces are worth the investment. Because often the experiences we have in life are based on our appearance and the way others judge us, we all want our kids to be able to make a good first impression. While braces can be expensive if gone into with careful planning, with just a few smart moves, you can give your kids that million-dollar smile without spending a fortune.

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