Monday , March 25 2019

Dental Malpractice Insurance

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The importance of professional liability insurance

Being a dental student is a tough and confusing profession. Between class and clinical duties for residency programs, it is often hard to get quality information about what professional liability insurance can do for you. I know when I first started dental school at the University of Connecticut, I had no idea that I would soon need to start researching about malpractice insurance. Fortunately, after a long search and lots of research, I realized how important malpractice insurance was for me. In the end I was able to learn a lot about the benefits of professional liability insurance and I can share some of what I learned with you today:

Dental malpractice is an intentional or unintentional error which causes significant injury to a client. This can include failure to diagnose oral cancer or gum disease, failure to obtain consent from an adult, following improper procedures, and causing permanent or temporary oral injuries. Recently the number of malpractice claims has been increasing and malpractice lawsuits have been awarding millions dollars to patients at their dentist’s expense.

Aspiring / graduating dental students should look into getting dental malpractice insurance for a variety of reasons. First, professional liability insurance is required for residents in order to moonlight at private practices. Moonlighting is a great way to earn some extra money and experience during your residency and malpractice insurance can help make that happen. Also, dental malpractice insurance can provide dentists with tail coverage. This gives dentist’s added protection even after they change professions or retire so they never have to worry about being sued in the future. Finally, and most importantly, dental malpractice insurance helps guard dentists against costly lawsuits. With the increasing trend of patients filing claims against their dentists, it is becoming ever more important to get protection. This is especially true for when you first enter the profession, so try and get insured as quickly as possible!

When I signed up for my dental malpractice insurance, I was given a discount for being a dental student. If you are still in school, try and look for the right agency which can provide you with a discount for being a graduating dental student. They often start your rates low, and this can save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run. Anyway, I hope I was able to convince you about the importance of professional liability insurance!

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